Detect tҺis custom BMW R 80 Type 10A is all about cleaп liпes aпd OCD-sootҺiпg miпimalism

Generally speaking, the fraternal duo behind Auto Fabrica (AF) likes to make use of understated colorways that don’t pop out too vibrantly. Bujar and Gazmend Muharremi have gotten the notion of beauty through simplicity down to a fine art, and the same minimalistic approach is used when addressing the paintwork side of things.
Nonetheless, AF’s bright minds won’t shy away from a splash of color every now and again. The build we’re about to inspect is an excellent case in point, representing a sequel to the ravishing Type 10 featured on autoevolution some time ago. Just like its forerunner, this sexy thing had once been a stock BMW R 80 RT from the 1980s, and the Muharremi brothers really went to town to make it look as svelte as it does today.
Starting off with the motorcycle’s cosmetics, Auto Fabrica removed a great chunk of OEM hardware, but chose to retain the R 80’s unmistakable 18-inch wheels and fuel tank. The latter was extensively reworked, though, receiving a glossy coat of yellow paint, AF decals, and a flush-mounted filler cap in the process. Those mods are pretty rad, for sure, but we’re infinitely more intrigued by what’s going on out back.
There’s a custom subframe built in-house, supporting an all-new saddle upholstered in automotive-grade perforated leather. At the southernmost tip lies our favorite feature on this entire project – a groovy LED taillight assembly complete with vertical louvres made of polymethyl methacrylate (or PMMA) composite.
In addition, the whole setup is flanked by a tiny pair of LED turn signals, while an aluminum under-seat plate was fitted to round everything out at six o’clock. The final bodywork item comes in the form of a tailor-made front fender, above which we notice aftermarket blinkers and a modern headlamp with retro vibes. After they’d treated the BMW’s forks to some higher-spec internals, Gaz and Bujar had its rear suspension module replaced altogether.
Front-end stopping power is enhanced via an upgraded master cylinder, along with top-shelf braided brake lines. Auto Fabrica undertook a complete engine rebuild to make sure the Beemer’s airhead motor will perform like a charm for a long time to come, but they also employed a big bore kit to boost its displacement to 1,000cc. Obviously, the cherry on top of the cake is that arresting two-into-two exhaust system.
The Muharremis fashioned it out of 316-grade stainless steel in their signature style, and the end result is no less fascinating than we’ve come to expect. Finally, they finished things off with a Motogadget speedometer and murdered-out grips, naming the project Type 10A following its completion in 2016. The shop doesn’t publicly disclose the costs of their endeavors, so we’re not sure how much they charged for this stripped-back R 80.

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