Expeɾieпce B2 supeɾyacҺt, built foɾ aп owпeɾ wҺo was pɾeviously tҺe ɾicҺest maп iп tҺe woɾld, tҺis sumptuous vessel give family vacatioпs

Back in 2016, a start-studded superyacht was turning heads at St Barts, the infamous celebrity playground in the Caribbean. Ellen DeGeneres and Kendall Jenner were among the celebrities spotted onboard the luxurious pleasure craft at the time.
Just three years later, that same superyacht would go through the biggest transformation of its life. Already a decade old in 2019, the German-built luxury yacht underwent an extensive refit. The greatest change? It went from an already long yacht to an even bigger one, adding up to a little over 280 feet (85.6 meters).
Seven meters (nearly 23 feet) were enough to include a brand-new deck aft, a fabulous beach club, two more cabins, and –the star of the show – a glass-bottom swimming pool. Prior to that, the B2 (named C2 at the time) had only known one owner for an entire decade.
That’s a rare occurrence in the world of luxury toys, where new temptations make loyalty impossible. Plus, its owner did not share it with charter customers, but only occasionally with famous friends like the aforementioned celebrities.
After getting spruced up and extended, the B2 hit the market in 2020, for the first time since its launch. It’s not clear what happened in the meantime (at one point, there were rumors about it being owned by a Saudi billionaire) but at the moment it’s back on the market, while also being available for charter (one week onboard starts at $900,000).
It even suffered a hefty price cut, going from more than $100 million to a $93 million asking price in approximately three years.
That’s still a huge amount, but not surprising if we take a closer look at this floating mansion. You’d probably be surprised to learn that although it’s huge enough to accommodate 22 guests, with an even bigger crew attending to their needs, the B2 is considered a family yacht. That sounds more like a family’s private cruise ship.
There are 15 cabins on board, which is impressive even for a superyacht. As you’d expect, the owner’s suite on the main deck is an apartment in its own right, with huge windows providing breathtaking panoramic views.
What you might not expect is that even the children’s cabins are larger and more luxurious than most hotel rooms. These were specifically placed close to the master suite, and can be easily accessed through a private corridor. The rest of the guest cabins, all boasting an elegant design, are located on the deck below.
When it’s time for family dinners, guests have multiple options. There’s the formal dining room on the upper deck, which also opens to the aft, creating a pleasant indoor-outdoor flow. And there’s a fabulous dining table on the bridge deck, that can sit ten people. Protected by a discrete canopy, it’s the perfect spot for dining in the open air, surrounded by gorgeous views.
Another family favorite is the new beach club. Imagine stepping on the exquisite teak deck from the swim platform, after hours of fun on the water, with the latest toys. You’d be welcomed by an ultra-comfortable lounge area that looks like it belongs at a luxury beach resort.
A huge TV screen and a cocktail bar nearby set the tone for relaxation. Lavish fold-down balconies on each side keep the indoor/outdoor connection that’s obvious across all the decks. The best part about the beach club is that it’s magically illuminated thanks to the glass-bottomed swimming pool above, which acts as a ceiling. It doesn’t get more luxurious than that.
The stylish glass elevator that connects all four decks is also ready to take you to another gorgeous spot on board the B2, the sun lounge. With a generous jacuzzi taking center stage, this is perhaps the best place to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the sun. The plush sun pads look very inviting, sheltered by optional awnings, and all you need is a cool drink.
There’s something for everybody onboard the B2, from an outdoor cinema to a massage room and a gym. The elegant, but warm and friendly interior style brings it all together. It’s the work of one of the most reputable studios in the industry, the British Reymond Langton Design.
Top performance is also a guarantee with Abeking & Rasmussen as the builder. This German shipyard is among the best in the world, known for some of the most spectacular superyachts in operation.
Powered by twin Caterpillar engines, the fabulous B2 is ready to cross oceans with ease. Cruising at 13 knots (15 mph/25 kph) it can ensure an extensive range of more than 6,500 nautical miles (12,000 km).
In the end, we can see why Ron Perelman held on to this gorgeous pleasure craft for an entire decade. Its future billionaire owners will most likely also see it as the best possible version of a family vacation yacht.

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