Top 5: United Airlines’ most numerous aircraft types

United Airlines is one of the US Big Four airlines, with one of the largest and most diverse fleets, boasting a total of 954 aircraft. While it predominantly operates Boeing-built aircraft, it also includes some Airbus narrowbodies in its fleet.

In this guide, Simple Flying will analyze the top five aircraft types operated by United Airlines using ch-aviation data. It is worth noting that this guide will focus on specific aircraft types rather than aircraft families.

5 Airbus A319

Aircraft number: 81

Kicking off the list is United Airlines’ fleet of Airbus A319-100 aircraft, totaling 81 planes from the European manufacturer, with an average age of 22.6 years for its A319 fleet. The carrier has operated these short-haul narrowbody aircraft for quite some time, some of which have been introduced since 1997.

United Airlines ranks among the top operators of the Airbus A319 worldwide, alongside other carriers with sizable A319 fleets like American Airlines, easyJet, and Delta Air Lines. The A319 is a shorter-fuselage version within the single-aisle A320 aircraft family, with seating capacity ranging from 110 seats to 160 seats. United Airlines’ Airbus A319s typically accommodate a total of 126 passengers in a three-class cabin configuration:

  • 12 in business class
  • 36 in economy plus
  • 78 in economy class

4 Boeing 737 MAX 8

Aircraft number: 87

The fourth on the list is the Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, of which United Airlines boasts 87 units. United Airlines’ Boeing 737 MAX 8 fleet is the second youngest after the airline’s Airbus A321neo fleet, with an average age of 2 years.

Given that the Boeing 737 MAX 8 is one of the newest and most popular narrowbody aircraft in the market, it is no surprise that United Airlines boasts a substantial fleet. Consequently, the airline’s 737 MAX 8 aircraft might soon become one of its fleet’s top three most numerous types, as it currently has 39 aircraft on order.

According to ch-aviation data, the carrier’s 737 MAX 8 can accommodate a total of 166 passengers in a three-class cabin configuration:

  • 16 in business class
  • 54 in economy plus
  • 96 in economy class

In addition to 737 MAX 8s, United Airlines operates a hefty fleet of the larger 737 MAX 9 variant, with 79 units of this type. In a recent announcement, United told Boeing to convert a portion of their 737 MAX 10 order to 737 MAX 9s. According to ch-aviation, the airline has 141 737 MAX 9s on order.

3 Airbus A320-200

Aircraft number: 88

Right in the middle of the list comes another staple narrowbody aircraft – the Airbus A320-200. United Airlines currently operates 88 A320-200s, an average age of 25.4 years. The Chicago-based carrier typically operates its Airbus A320-200s on domestic short to medium-haul routes.

The airline has no orders for the newer generation Airbus A320neos, as recent order books indicate a preference for direct A320neo competitors, such as the Boeing 737 MAX. However, regarding options from the European aircraft manufacturer, the airline chose the larger Airbus A320neo family variant, the Airbus A321neo. In total, the airline has 121 of these aircraft on order.

According to ch-aviation data, the carrier’s older generation Airbus A320-200s can accommodate a total of 150 passengers in a three-class cabin configuration:

  • 12 in business class
  • 24 in economy plus
  • 96 in economy class

2 Boeing 737-900ER

Aircraft number: 136

The second aircraft type on the list is the airline’s fleet of Boeing 737-900ER jets. United Airlines currently operates 136 737-900ERs, with an average age of 11.5 years. The carrier has long operated Boeing’s most successful narrowbody aircraft, the 737 family, and has developed a particular affinity for the 737-900ER variant.

The plane is the most extended variant of the 737 family to date and sought to bridge the capacity gap between the 737 and the 757 in Boeing’s commercial lineup. United Airlines has capitalized on this advantage.

According to ch-aviation data, the carrier’s Boeing 737-900ER aircraft can accommodate 179 passengers in a three-class cabin configuration. Notably, this configuration boasts the highest proportion of business class seats among the aircraft types listed in this article.

  • 20 in business class
  • 45 in economy plus
  • 114 in economy class

1 Boeing 737-800

Aircraft number: 146

The Boeing 737-800 aircraft is the most common type in United Airlines’ fleet. Currently, the airline operates 146 Boeing 737-800s, with an average age of 20.3 years. United has no outstanding orders for the 737-800s as it transitions to the newer generation of the 737 family, the 737 MAX.

According to ch-aviation data, the carrier’s Boeing 737-800 aircraft can accommodate a total of 166 passengers in a three-class cabin configuration:

  • 16 in business class
  • 54 in economy plus
  • 96 in economy class

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